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Call for Special Issue

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CALL FOR PAPERS: Microbiome in Cancer

Recent research indicates that microbes may have a significant impact on the development of cancer. The interaction between microbes and the host's immune system, known as the immuno-oncology-microbiome (IOM) axis, is a common theme in microbial involvement in cancer. Scientists are exploring different approaches to manipulate the gut or tumor microbiome as potential treatments for cancer. Studies suggest that the gut microbiome can affect the effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy, and it may be possible to engineer certain bacteria to target cancerous growths. Future research in this field will likely focus on further investigating the IOM axis and developing targeted therapies that manipulate the microbiome to improve cancer outcomes.
The Iranian Journal of Blood and Cancer (IJBC) has organized a special issue to gather original research and review articles that explore the latest advancements and emerging trends regarding the role of the microbiome in cancer. By presenting the most significant contributions in this area, this issue aims to deepen our understanding of how the microbiome can trigger cancer and how these small microorganisms can impact the treatment of different types of cancer.


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