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About the Journal:
In 2005, Hassan Abolghasemi, Professor of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology in collaboration with some of his colleagues, decided to establish a scientific English journal in order to extend the relationship with other national and international scientists. They obtained the appropriate permissions from the respective authorities and finally, the first issue of Iranian Journal of Blood and Cancer (IJBC) was published in Autumn 2008.
Iranian Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Society (IPHOS) with more than a decade of activity is proud of being the responsible entity to publish “IJBC”. "IJBC" enjoys the contribution of its credible editorial board members consisting of a diversity of specialists and academics in basic sciences, hematology, immunology, genetics and clinical disciplines of hematology, oncology, radiotherapy, pathology, pediatric surgery and cancer surgery.

The first issue of "IJBC" published in Autumn 2008 and is publishing online and in print quarterly now.

"IJBC" indexing process  in valid sources has been started recently and we hope to be succeeded very soon.

It is also noticable that this journal is an open access journal and its content is available for free via the journal’s website.

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